Mattrak Online 

  • Web based material management program.
  • Secure remote access from any internet based computer.
  • Three user modules in which all are utilizing the same data set for both data and project integrety.
    • Shorebase Dispatcher
    • Rig Clerk
    • Corporate Reporting
  • Designed for ease of use with all actions notated with user id.

Mattrak Features:

  1. Equipment and Material Manifesting
    • Base Inventories - Comrehensive list of everything currently on the dock.
    • Field Inventores - Comprehensive list of everything currently on the rig.
  2. Base Cost
    • All actual project cost captured and entered into the system.
    • These costs are useful in AFE reconciliation and vendor invoice approval.
  3. Reporting
    • Users have the ability to search for any item via vendor, description, or serial number.
    • All actions associated with the item are displayed for review, including the associated cargo manifest or shipping document.
    • Recap Reports
      • Daily Cost - All daily report itemizing all charges to the project for the specified day or date range.
      • Fuel Recap - A report listing all fuel, water, and lube purchases for the project.
      • Trucking Recap - A report listing all trucking charges for the project.
  4. Notes
    • Daily notes are entered into the project to record activities.
    • Users names are notated for identification.
    • Both rig and shorebase personnell can issue requests via the note portal.
  5. File Repository
    • Files are uploaded into the project for ease of retrieval when needed and for secure online storage.
    • File storage examples.
      • Vessel on/off charter forms
      • Incident / accident reports
      • Tank clean job forms
      • Etc…..

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